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FLINKA Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth

Will clean windows, window frames and all glass surfaces without leaving any streaks.

Cleaning tips: Rinse thoroughly with warm water before use. DO NOT use chemical cleaner with the cloth - it will not work!
Wet cloth with water and gently squeeze out excess moisture. Wipe your glass, crystal, chrome, marble, stainless steel clean.
If the surface being cleaned is left with water marks the cloth is too wet, if it's pulling or dragging then it's too dry
Glass has a pitted surface that can collect a build up of chemicals from cleaning agents. Therefore, you may need to wash 2 or 3 times with a very wet cloth (also with heavily soiled windows) before drying to a streak-free shine.
Rinse after use, squeeze out and store as is. Don't hang out to dry and it will last for years.

Quality Product Made in Germany
Size: 31x32cm

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FLINKA Cleaning Glass Cloth

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Machine washable

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