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I have been using a variety of Flinka cleaning products at our Motel. The window cloths that require NO cleaning product, just water the glass is clean and streak free. The floor mops have a large surface area which makes them efficient to use. They are also really good on ceiling and walls. We use their other cleaning cloths on a daily basis which helps us keep the Motel units sparkling clean.

Janice, Gisborne

I haven't used anything else for years, since finding these cloths. The FlinkaStar is my all purpose everything cloth, colour coded for kitchen, bathroom, etc. The Glass cleaning cloth I love as I'm not a 'window cleaning day' sort of person, so I can just pick up the cloth when I need to do a window (or mirror) or two. The FlinkaShine I use every day instead of a facial cleanser and my 24 yr old son still uses one after discovering, as an adolescent, the difference it made to his skin. After suffering with severe acne and trying every treatment, including prescription medications, he was so grateful to find this cloth and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to those with skin problems.

Elizabeth, Auckland

I have delayed placing feedback because Im very scepticle of new products. In my line of work I'm always looking for something easy to use to wash windows. And I think I've found it????, super trade.

Customer, TradeMe


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